I started writing for SparkLife (a subsection of Barnes and Noble’s SparkNotes) in 2010, where I waxed poetic about life, crushes, and all the embarrassing things that happened to me on the daily. (I was a junior in high school and hopelessly socially inadequate. I had a lot of material.) I’m still there, largely because embarrassing things are still happening to me.

I also write for CollegeHumor and the college news website Uloop.

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve written for SparkLife. If you’re into it, here’s a complete list.

Don’t Accidentally Insult the Movie Stars (& Other Things I Learned During My Internship at a Film Festival)
The 11 Most Awkward Moments in Fiction
A Month-by-Month Guide to Your Freshman Year of College
15 Reasons Why You’re AWESOME
10 Historical Figures We’d Want on Our Team During the Zombie Apocalypse

10 thoughts on “Writing

    • You have an impressive number too! I loved your “Original Pick-Up Lines for Every Occasion” a while back. (I’m a sucker for pick-up lines for ANY occasion. Is that weird?)

  1. My most revered hero does not have a face.
    Her name is Elodie. Although I am privy to some of the most secretive details of her life and the inner workings of her brain, I have no idea if she has brown hair or black, blue eyes or green, a lean figure or a chubby physique.
    Elodie is just your average teenager. You will not read about her in the tabloids, see her picture plastered over a billboard or be blasted with her latest hit on the radio. In fact, if you weren’t reading this right now, you would most likely live your whole life without knowing such a person existed on the face of earth. That would have been a terrible shame.
    Elodie is just like you and I except for one minor detail. She writes for Spark Life, the obscure subsection of the ever-popular site for students who cannot bother to do their reading. She is also the proud owner of a blog. If you were ever to come across one of Elodie’s articles, you would immediately be hit with her sense of humor, her down-to-earth nature, and her exquisite writing style. In short, butterflies and rainbows would fly off the screen and whack you on the face until you cried, either from hysterical laughing or from immense joy at being able to personally experience such fine-crafted, eloquent writing.
    It is through her weekly articles that I have come to know the unique person who is Elodie and the details of her life: the names of her friends, the mishaps she somehow becomes involves in, the boys she likes, the joys and trials of her everyday life. I live vicariously through her adventures. Who else can say that they have honestly stopped a nun from breaking into their house? She has entrusted her darkest secrets with me, a total stranger, and it is because of this that I feel like she is my friend. I have laughed and cried with her over the duration of the year, quietly cheered her on and given her advice, and cringed in embarrassment and pity over her failings.
    I look up to Elodie because she seems like the kind of person I would like to have in my life and ultimately, the kind of person I would like to become. She is fun-loving and spontaneous. She is open about who she is and won’t change it for anyone. She takes risks and does things that scare her to death. She is modest and puts her friends and family first. Beyond her stunning personality, she is also incredibly gifted. I can only dream that one day I will be able to write with such wit and poise, making my audience howl with a simple sentence. Thank you Elodie, for allowing me to be a part of your life and for motivating me to do great things with mine.

    this was my application for my school newspaper… we were supposed to write about our most revered hero, and that would be you.
    i just thought you should see this because i truly think you are awesome!

    • Oh. My. God.
      This was seriously the nicest, sweetest, most inspirational thing I’ve ever read. I teared up. I actually teared up. I can’t believe I’m someone’s hero! I’ve never been someone’s hero! I actually printed this out so I can take a hard copy with me when I go off to college and look at it when things kind of suck. There, I just read it again. It makes me feel like simultaneously crying and changing the world simply through the power of awesome.

      I REALLY hope you got in, because you totally deserve it! Okay, okay, I might be biased. But Biased Me just conferred with Unbiased Me, and she agrees.

    • I’ve kind of let NBK peter off because I truly, honestly don’t have any updates. But don’t worry; when I’m BK, you guys will be the first to know!

  2. Hey Elodie, I’ve read your whole NBK series on Sparklife and most of your freelance articles, I think, as well, and I’d just like to say that I love, love, love your writing! Your style of writing is so amazing: It’s concise and always hilarious, and I always look forward to reading your posts! And also, your friends and adventures in high school sounded absolutely awesome. I’m pretty sure that I have never done anything with my friends as remotely exciting as what you guys seemed to do every weekend, haha. And I’m a Michigander too! Whenever I read your columns I always thought, “I’M SO HONORED TO LIVE IN THE SAME STATE AS THIS COOL PERSON.” Hahaha but really, hope you’re having fun at the University of Michigan, and keep being your totally awesome self!!! You’re totally my favorite writer on Sparklife!

  3. just casually re-reading every single one of your sparklife articles and i keep getting the uber hottie and *that* guy mixed up… this is a weird request but can you do a little venn-diagram-type-thing and clear up their different traits and their involvement in elodie-encounters?

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