I shouldn’t get a fall break. I can’t be trusted with it.

We just got back from fall break, which was basically just a really long weekend. My roommate is making me deluxe mac and cheese because I’m not high-class enough to have ever had such a thing, and also because I drove us four hours at night during torrential downpour to get us back to school. The things I do for education. My roommate doesn’t swear much, so I think she was, I guess you could say surprised, at some of the phrases I started using in high traffic.

I have a few weird obsessions going on right now, which is making schoolwork at best somewhat difficult, and at worst the lowest possible priority. They are a) the band Bastille, b) Ben Barnes, and c) Pottermore. Over break, I attempted to listen to every cover Bastille has ever done, while also watching Ben Barnes’ entire filmography, and catching up on Pottermore. I also re-read The Prisoner of Azkaban. I did not do my poetry essay.

All in all, everything went about as expected. I didn’t do my poetry essay, but I did bring all the necessary supplies with me to my house. So I essentially lugged all my notes and books and crap across the entire state for absolutely no reason.

Today, I am officially a college student…

…but who cares? Because today, I am also officially a HOGWARTS STUDENT, which is even better! I finally, finally, finally received my Pottermore e-mail, and I may or may not (or may) have spent the last two hours chilling in Diagon Alley, buying my wand, and getting Sorted (I’m in Ravenclaw! How cool is that? Okay, okay, I’d probably be pumped even if they decided I was a total pariah put me in some kind of hybrid house like Ravenpuff or Huffledor or, God forbid, Gryffinin, which just sounds horribly awkward).

I’m AurorSeeker79! Feel free to add me!

Oh. Right. College classes. They were fine. Better than fine, I think. I really enjoyed my Creative Writing class. And French should be a breeze, at least at first. I’ve taken French for five years, and the placement test revealed my true calling to be French 101 for beginners. You can tell I’m a really top-notch student. I wish I could say I flunked the placement test on purpose, just so I could shine in comparison to the rest of the class, but the truth is I just kind of suck. I’ve got to seize this moment and spout off French pronunciations while I can, because soon we’ll move into grammar and I’ll cease to understand what’s going on.