In the spirit of March Madness…

Elodie: I’m watching the basketball game
Elodie: The Michigan players are literally just running in circles in the wrong direction on the court because they’re trying to waste time, but I keep thinking, “That’s exactly what I looked like when I played basketball, except that was me trying my best.”
Tara: Oh my God, I was the worst basketball player
Elodie: So was I
Elodie: You know what though? Sometimes I look back fondly on those times, because our entire circle of friends played each other at various points in basketball and we didn’t even know each other yet. We probably guarded each other and stole the ball from each other and maybe even secretly trash talked each other on the sidelines, because we were twelve years old and the game was the most important thing, and we did all of that not knowing we would all grow up to form a magical union of friendship and play video games and drink shitty beer and make dick jokes at 2 in the morning.
Elodie: Huh. That started off poignant and then it went somewhere else entirely.
Tara: I still think it was beautiful.

As a side note, Tara could not have been the worst basketball player, because I was actually the worst basketball player. My teammates secretly ranked everyone. I was actually ranked second-worst, but then the girl who actually was the worst quit, and I had to accept my new title.


My Fake Birthday

I spoiled Teen Wolf for Allison over dinner last night, which was unfortunate, but I consider it payback. She showed me a picture on Facebook of this guy who was cute in high school but now sports a really weird sideburns/pornstache situation. So she spoiled his face for me. I spoiled Teen Wolf for her. I consider us even.

Today is my Fake Birthday. Since I’ll be at school for my Actual Birthday, we celebrated today. We went out to eat, and my mom made this FANTASTIC CAKE, and then I forced everyone to watch recordings of Jeopardy with me. I got chocolate, cookies, and Les Misérables, the novel version… which I am so excited to finally read in its entirety.

All in all, it was an excellent Fake Birthday.