I think my wallet is worth more than what’s inside of it at this point.

I receive e-mails from the University whenever a student gets robbed or mugged or what have you. Recently one came up that said somebody had gotten robbed a few blocks away from where I live. The guys demanded his wallet, he gave it up, and that was that. All I could think was that if someone robbed me, this is what I’d have to fork over:


I would hope we’d all get a few laughs out of the absurdity of the situation, and then they’d give it back out of a sense of newfound camaraderie and we’d go on our merry way. More likely they’d take a look at the two bucks and fifty cents (plus like 50 movie stubs going all the way back to 2004) I have in there and give it back, disgusted.


I wish I had taken a picture of the dinosaur doodle, because it really was magnificent

I spent today with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. We made this dessert, which was a layer of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, then a layer of fudge, and then another layer of Reese’s, but these were crumbled. I remained in a sugar coma throughout much of the movie that followed.

Afterwards I went out to dinner with Tara and Allison, and I left my number for the waiter because he gave me free French fries and asked, quite sincerely, if I am an artist, because I drew one hell of a dinosaur on the check.