And it’s off to the races!

Today it snowed. Big surprise. Yesterday it was sixty degrees and I was digging out the spring attire, hopeful and naive. No such luck.

It was snowing so hard that, by the time I got to the dining hall, I had decided I wasn’t leaving until it stopped snowing. Everyone else, apparently, had the same thought. I wound up staying there for two hours, doing homework and generally eating a lot of food, while the dining hall slowly filled with people. And then there was a break in the storm. “It stopped,” the girl at the next table said suddenly. And it’s not like the dining hall was deathly quiet and her voice carried for miles around, but it seemed like everyone noticed it at the same time, and there was a mad dash of people ditching their trays and bolting towards the door so that we could all travel without the burden of snow in our faces. I accidentally elbowed some dude in the face. I apologized, but he was already sprinting down the hallway with the rest of the pack.

In other news, I pre-ordered Les Mis on DVD and Blu-Ray. I’m not even sure we have a Blu-Ray player. The parents were fuzzy on this topic. I’m assuming we do. I think we do. I’ve seen something that looks like a Blu-Ray player. Alas, we shall see.


The Oscars are coming! The Oscars are coming!

It’s the Oscars tomorrow! It’s the Oscars tomorrow! I’ve planned my snacks accordingly. For the Red Carpet, there will be noodles. For the actual awards show, there will be cookies. And there will be a Crunch bar for sad occasions, like if one of my favorites loses, or if Aaron Tveit is onscreen and I somehow miss him.

I don’t actually plan on watching the entire Red Carpet event. As I’ve surely overemphasized by now, I have midterms going on. I’m sort of on the “just one misstep and this entire thing will fall apart” side of overwhelmed. So I don’t plan on watching the entire thing, because that’s like four hours of my life that could be spent crying in the corner somewhere about ambition. But in all likelihood, I will watch far more Red Carpet coverage than I had bargained for. That’s just what happens.

I’m really pulling for Daniel Day-Lewis. Can Emmanuelle Riva and Quvenzhané Wallis both win the Oscar? Wouldn’t that be special? As far as costume design goes, Les Mis was like nineteenth-century French costume porn. But for make-up, I’ve got to go all in for The Hobbit. They deserved more nominations than they got.

There’s my two cents. I know that my opinions are invaluable to the film industry. Either way, it’ll be fun to see the LES MIS CAST FREAKING PERFORM. They are all in LA, right now, as we speak, rehearsing. Amanda Seyfried posted a picture on Twitter of Aaron and Eddie. Aaron was wearing that weird jean jacket shirt thing he was wearing when I dragged Tara down to the level of my Aaron Tveit obsession, the one that shouldn’t work but somehow does. It’s going to be so weird seeing him singing Enjolras’ part, but as Aaron, sans wig. I still find it really hard to reconcile the two of them in my mind as being the same person. But I’ll deal, because AHHHHH.

My Fake Birthday

I spoiled Teen Wolf for Allison over dinner last night, which was unfortunate, but I consider it payback. She showed me a picture on Facebook of this guy who was cute in high school but now sports a really weird sideburns/pornstache situation. So she spoiled his face for me. I spoiled Teen Wolf for her. I consider us even.

Today is my Fake Birthday. Since I’ll be at school for my Actual Birthday, we celebrated today. We went out to eat, and my mom made this FANTASTIC CAKE, and then I forced everyone to watch recordings of Jeopardy with me. I got chocolate, cookies, and Les Misérables, the novel version… which I am so excited to finally read in its entirety.

All in all, it was an excellent Fake Birthday.

My Newfound Obsession: It’s Like Watching a Person Go Insane

There’s nothing quite like acquiring a new obsession. I can literally document the moment this obsession took root and bloomed, because I messaged Tara and proceeded to take her down with me.

Elodie: I’m on the Les Mis tag
Elodie: on tumblr
Elodie: Apparently there are deleted scenes that involve Enjolras?
Elodie: Why are people taunting me with this knowledge?
Tara: We need to see those.
Elodie: I will not rest until I do.
Tara: I’m counting on you.

After extensive searching, I deduced that there were not, in fact, deleted scenes floating around, but there was an interview circulating that involved Aaron Tveit, who plays Enjolras and does it beautifully.

Elodie: Okay, so I found the interview.
Elodie: Hm.
Elodie: Do you ever get scared to watch something with the real-life actor because you’re afraid it will shatter the illusion of the character?
Tara: YES I know exactly what you’re talking about.
Elodie: well
Elodie: Here goes nothing
Elodie: …ti-VAIT. Well, there’s that mystery solved.
Elodie: The interviewer is super awkward.
Tara: Ugh I hate that.

And approximately two minutes later…

Elodie: Also I’m like 99% sure the only reason the interviewer is being awkward is because he’s in love with Aaron.
Tara: I need to see this interview.

And so I gave her the link.

Tara: Oh my god it should not be legal to be that attractive.
Elodie: I literally have to keep pausing it because he’s too perfect to behold all at once.
Tara: I just paused it and Aaron was making a derp face BUT HE STILL LOOKED GOOD.
Tara: The interviewer was just flat-out flirting with him at that part where Aaron was teaching him how to pronounce Enjolras
Elodie: It’s hard not to, with all that sexy French and the sexy singing
Tara: This is going to take me two hours to watch because I keep freaking out over his face and then I have to pause.
Tara: I just realized how weird the jean shirt thing is that he’s wearing, but it works somehow
Elodie: You’re right! Holy shit, what is that and why is it working
Tara: He could be wearing a potato sack and I wouldn’t question it.
Elodie: I would welcome that.
Tara: Me too.

My Fictional Crushes: A List

I have had a smattering (okay, okay, a copious amount) of real, actual crushes on real, actual people. (Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Cough.) But I also frequently develop those massive obsessions with fictional characters that are only slightly less attainable than JGL. Come on, this is the Internet. We all know that feel.

I present to you that list:

1. Sirius Black
2. Fred Weasley
3. Kartik (from the Gemma Doyle trilogy)
4. Bernard (from The Santa Clause. I went through this phase from approximately the ages of 10-16, and I never truly grew out of it)
5. Jack Sparrow
6. Flynn Rider
7. Sayid (from Lost… until that last season, he was literally the only character that didn’t throw all logic out the window at the slightest provocation. Also those EYES)
8. Rudy Steiner (The Book Thief)
9. Sawyer (also from Lost. Good God)
10. Sam (Dulé Hill’s role in Holes… I don’t know why I picked the most obscure minor character to develop a crush on when there were loads of perfectly good juvenile delinquents to choose from, but the heart wants what the heart wants)
11. Finny (from A Separate Peace)
12. Enjolras (from Les Misérables)

…And what do they all have in common? They all (spoilers. Seriously, turn back) DIE, in some form or fashion. I didn’t even realize that until I was about halfway done with this list! Jesus! They all die! What’s up with that? With the exception of Bernard the Head Elf, because The Santa Clause would have taken a bit of a dark turn if THAT had happened. But you know what? I consider him dead. He’s dead to me, because where the hell was he for The Santa Clause 3? Scheduling conflicts, my ass. Scheduling conflicts TOYING WITH THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF IMPRESSIONABLE VIEWERS, more like. Thanks, Bernard. You’re a god among men. (No, really. You are. I didn’t mean any of that. Let me love you?)

Clearly my time is invaluable.

So far I’ve watched a rather astonishing amount of movies over the course of winter break. Sometimes at the theater, giving the illusion that I go out and do things, and sometimes just sitting unabashedly on my ass in front of the TV.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my purse is a black hole. So going to the theater invariably ends with me fishing around in there for some money, and then going, “Hang on, I know I’ve got it, just let me—” at which point everyone gets to bear witness to me dumping what appears to be the contents of a hoarder’s house onto the ticket counter. My friends, over break, have remarked at least three times that my purse is The Black Hole. Usually this is while I’m looking for a) money, as previously mentioned, or b) my phone, which I can never seem to just put in the front pocket. Jaws drop and eyes eventually glaze over as I unpack mittens, sunglasses, my infamous gigantic wallet, restaurant menus, maps, various food items, an empty water bottle (never a full one, because that would be useful), hand warmers from football games when it’s ten degrees out, movie tickets, a book, wrappers, and receipts. Dear Lord, the receipts. I have more receipts than I have material possessions, I think. I lose crap all the time, but God forbid I lose the receipt.

As of right now I’ve seen The Hobbit, This is 40, Les Miserables (twice), Lincoln (twice), and Life of Pi. Respectively, they were great, hilarious, fantastic, amazing, and pretty good. I’ve eaten a lot of candy, peed in a lot of public bathrooms, and awkwardly bumped elbows with a fair amount of armrest-hogging strangers.