An Insider’s Look at My Life

I Tweeted recently about feeling like I have to explain everything that pops up on my search history whenever someone uses my laptop to Google something. So today, to make up for this week’s lapse in blogging, I’m diving in. I’m going to give you guys all those nitty-gritty details. I’m giving you my recent search history, unabridged. I’m not even sure what I’ve Googled recently, so LET’S DO THIS.


Oh, right. I literally just looked that up two seconds ago as a result of this conversation:

Tara: Maybe watching Hannibal will cheer me up.
Elodie: I haven’t watched it, but somehow I doubt it.

“The Virgin Mary marian miracles”

I’m writing an essay on the medieval preoccupation with Mary. (They basically wrote Mary fanfiction. Mary/Humanity OTP.)

“Henry Cavill”

OH RIGHT. YES. I had just realized that Henry Cavill, who plays Charles Brandon on The Tudors (of “we-haven’t-had-any-sex-scenes-in-a-while-so-let’s-just-have-a-Charles-Brandon-sex-scene-for-no-reason” fame) is going to be Superman in Man of Steel.

“Henry Cavill pronunciation”

Yeeeah. I realized I wouldn’t be able to articulate this to anyone because cah-VILLE? CAH-vul?

“Eve in Paradise Lost john milton”

Back to the essay.

“dylan o’brien maze runnerljw”

That’s literally the Google search. I got too excited towards the end there BECAUSE DYLAN O’BRIEN IS GOING TO BE IN THE MAZE RUNNER MOVIE AND I’M JUST SO PROUD OF HIS  ACCOMPLISHMENTS. If you don’t know who Dylan O’Brien is, he’s Stiles in Teen Wolf and I have a vested interest in his career.

“Maze Runner plot”

I read the book a long time ago, and I forget what happens.


The result of an ongoing investigation triggered by the MTV Movie Awards, during which this happened:

Elodie: I’m going to be honest here, prior to this I did not know what Macklemore was
Elodie: …
Elodie: And based on this performance I’m still not sure
Elodie: Is he a rapper or a one-man Mariachi band?

“the flux”

I was watching The Tudors. I was unfamiliar with this term. I found it refers to dysentery. It was a lovely episode.

“tumblr queue not working”

Aaaaand if I had to pick a single Google search item that sums up my life, this would be it, because I use Google primarily to type in my problems (usually incoherently) and see what solutions Google spits back at me. I hope this was semi-enjoyable. What’re the last five things you searched? DON’T BE AFRAID.