I officially declare it spring

This morning, I heard birds singing outside my window. Birds. Outside. My. Window. The last noteworthy thing that happened with my window was when I left it open and it snowed on my face, remember? (Not the worst decision I’ve ever made, but it did crack the Top 50.) Now there are birds¬†chirping.¬†This has lead me to conclude that it’s finally spring. It’s fifty degrees out, and since this is Michigan everyone’s acting like it’s ninety. I walked to class the other day and I almost took a Frisbee to the face. People were doing homework in the courtyard. People were taking naps in the grass.

It’s snowing in my hometown. I don’t know how I’m going to function mentally if I head home for the summer and it’s snowing.


It’s the fi-nal count-doooown! (Ohh!)

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS. I have 19 days left in the school year, and here’s what my life has become:

  • I need to write my 5-page essay on medieval misogyny by Saturday
  • I need to write a 10-page (minimum) story for my creative writing class by Tuesday
  • I need to write an 8-page rough draft on the role of storytelling in Native American culture by Wednesday
  • I need to settle on a topic for my research project, but I’m terrible at making decisions
  • I need to start studying for biology because the exam is cumulative, and honestly all that stuff from the first half of the semester has been banished from my brain, probably forever, so there’s actually no hope, so I’m just going to go ahead and cross this one off

So that’s the stuff I need to do. Here’s what I’m actually doing:

  • Developing an unhealthy co-dependent relationship with Netflix
  • Eating the last of the Thin Mints
  • Staring forlornly around my room and thinking, “I should clean this, or something.”
  • That’s it

I’m hoping this post will help me put things in perspective… like I’ll publish it, and I’ll step back and take a long, hard look at my life. Past experience tells me that the only way to get me to take things seriously is to make a big, scary list with lots of scary essay page lengths, and then watch as all hell breaks loose in my brain.