Everything I love is coming together

I think this blog is just going to be an outlet that I use to freak out about things that I like. I say this because today, 1) a new Aaron Tveit photoshoot came out, and so did 2) the Desolation of Smaug trailer, which included 3) Evangeline Lilly (a.k.a. Kate from Lost) as the elf Tauriel, and also 4) Michelle Chamuel just got saved on The Voice, and she’s my favorite, as well as having gone to my college and also being friends with 5) Team Starkid. All my interests are overlapping and I’M LOVING IT.

In other news (or, well, speaking of which), I’m supposed to go to the Darren Criss concert Thursday but I’m sick and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to rally. Why are the fates so obsessed with keeping me away from Darren Criss? First they didn’t let me get a VIP pass, and now apparently even general admission is just too close for comfort. WHY.


Aaron Tveit and The Great Gatsby

My friends and I were driving to see The Great Gatsby last night. I had successfully called shotgun. Allison was driving, and Tara was in the back. I said, “There’s a video on tumblr I want to send you both. It’s of Aaron Tveit clapping with one hand.”

“With one hand?”

“With one hand,” I confirmed.

“Like this?” said Tara, flapping her hand around.

“More like this,” I said, showcasing appropriately and utilizing both hands because that’s how Aaron does it.

“Like this?” said Allison, immediately taking both hands off the steering wheel and flapping her hands around and for some reason also choosing that moment to accelerate wildly, which caused me to shout, “ALLISON, YOU’RE DRIVING!”

She grabbed the wheel again so Tara and I would stop screaming. When it became clear that we were not, in fact, taking a quick detour into oncoming traffic, Tara said, “We almost just died.

I shrugged. “Well,” I said, laughing. “Well. I mean. It would’ve given me an excuse to finally write a letter to Aaron.”

“Yeah. ‘Dear Aaron,'” said Tara, “‘your one-handed clapping business is the reason my friends and I were involved in what was for them a fatal car accident. Thanks.'”

“Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,” said Allison solemnly.

“Oh my God,” I said, “you’re terrible,” and then I couldn’t resist adding, “On My Own.” I paused. “This conversation just took a turn for the morbid.”

“Yeah,” said Tara, “I hope The Great Gatsby cheers us up and I certainly hope no one dies.”

This is a recurring problem

Last night I continued my foray into Aaron Tveit’s filmography (this has been an ongoing project for months) and I watched Girl Walks Into a Bar, which… wow. I’m not even going to say anything. HOWEVER:

Elodie: I’m having that problem again where I can’t look at his face because it’s so beautiful.
Tara: I’m imagining you meeting him someday and just covering his face with your hands and going “sorry I can’t.”
Elodie: AHAHAHA.
Elodie: Oh dear. This could happen.
Tara: Exactly.

Muffins and celebrities

My friends and I have a very loose definition of the word “party,” so when we say we’re having a “Mini Muffin Party” (to celebrate this summer’s potential return of Hostess snacks), it really means a few of us will gather at my house, sit around, and eat boxes and boxes of Mini Muffins. I ate Mini Muffins as my school snack for about seven years, so the Hostess bankruptcy hit me hard. I’ve tried other brands, but they’re not the same.

Other parties we have had in the past:

MTV Movie Awards Viewing Party
Psych Premiere Viewing Party
Zac Efron Movie Night Party
80s Movie Night Party
Jeopardy Party
Allison’s Surprise Party (she was two hours late)
Pretty Little Liars Viewing Party (I was invited but forced to sit in the hallway during the episode)

This summer, if schedules permit, we may have to combine the Mini Muffin Party with a Graceland Viewing Party, so we can have Aaron Tveit’s glorious face plus Mini Muffins all in the same place.

My father is a fanboy

Tonight I watched Catch Me If You Can (the 2002 movie version) and I texted my dad to tell him I was watching it, because it’s one of his favorite movies. And he did this massively impressive thing where he’d text me lines from the movie mere moments before Leo DiCaprio or Tom Hanks said them. And I said, “Dad, how many times have you seen this?” and he said, “Once, maybe,” and I said, “Or twice? Or three times?” and he said, “Maybe.”

And I think it mostly amazed me because I’ve never thought of my dad as being a super obsessed fanboy about anything before. As it turns out, my dad is in a fandom. The Catch Me If You Can fandom. HE WAS IN A FANDOM BEFORE I EVEN KNEW SUCH A THING EXISTED.

He’s read the book version also. My dad is not big on reading. He’s not against it; he just doesn’t read often. But he loved the novel.

Maybe I should introduce him to the musical. You know, the Broadway version of Catch Me If You Can starring a certain revolutionary actor-future-husband-man (cough) named Aaron Tveit.

My Love for Aaron Tveit: Where We Are Now

Elodie: Remember when I said I didn’t care about the guy that played Enjolras because all I knew about him was that he was on Gossip Girl?
Elodie: Haha
Elodie: HA
Tara: I do remember that
Tara: How things have changed
Elodie: It was a simpler time

The Oscars are coming! The Oscars are coming!

It’s the Oscars tomorrow! It’s the Oscars tomorrow! I’ve planned my snacks accordingly. For the Red Carpet, there will be noodles. For the actual awards show, there will be cookies. And there will be a Crunch bar for sad occasions, like if one of my favorites loses, or if Aaron Tveit is onscreen and I somehow miss him.

I don’t actually plan on watching the entire Red Carpet event. As I’ve surely overemphasized by now, I have midterms going on. I’m sort of on the “just one misstep and this entire thing will fall apart” side of overwhelmed. So I don’t plan on watching the entire thing, because that’s like four hours of my life that could be spent crying in the corner somewhere about ambition. But in all likelihood, I will watch far more Red Carpet coverage than I had bargained for. That’s just what happens.

I’m really pulling for Daniel Day-Lewis. Can Emmanuelle Riva and Quvenzhané Wallis both win the Oscar? Wouldn’t that be special? As far as costume design goes, Les Mis was like nineteenth-century French costume porn. But for make-up, I’ve got to go all in for The Hobbit. They deserved more nominations than they got.

There’s my two cents. I know that my opinions are invaluable to the film industry. Either way, it’ll be fun to see the LES MIS CAST FREAKING PERFORM. They are all in LA, right now, as we speak, rehearsing. Amanda Seyfried posted a picture on Twitter of Aaron and Eddie. Aaron was wearing that weird jean jacket shirt thing he was wearing when I dragged Tara down to the level of my Aaron Tveit obsession, the one that shouldn’t work but somehow does. It’s going to be so weird seeing him singing Enjolras’ part, but as Aaron, sans wig. I still find it really hard to reconcile the two of them in my mind as being the same person. But I’ll deal, because AHHHHH.