About Me

I like to talk. I like to ramble and complain and prattle with snack breaks at regular intervals. This blog gives me the opportunity to do that. I’m a freelance writer, so that’s helpful.

But anyway.

I thought your name was Elodie!
Elodie was the name I wanted in French class, but someone else snagged it. I adopted it as my pen name on SparkLife because I didn’t want boys I liked to figure out I was writing about them on the Internet. My real name is Courtney. You can still call me Elodie, though! I’m still Elodie on SparkLife, and I’ll always be Elodie to those who stuck with me for so long. Or you can all just call me Stanley, as a compromise. I don’t know if that’s easier.

Where do you go to school and what’s your major?
I’m an English and Creative Writing major at the University of Michigan.

Why “ironic lady”?
I wanted to be Ironic Man, but there were some logistical issues. Also, this.

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