HELLO. I’m sorry about the title. I’m sorry I resorted to clickbait, and bad clickbait at that. But if this post did contain all the secrets of the universe, and you just scrolled right past it, you’d feel stupid, wouldn’t you? I understand. You had to know for sure.

I just thought I would give the few stragglers who still happen across this blog from time to time a bit of an UPDATE, and it is this: I’m moving this party over to tumblr, where you can find me basically night or day. So: It will be my ~PROFESSIONAL tumblr, so I’ll be posting the things of mine that get published IN ADDITION TO pictures of people getting photobombed by their dogs, and Harry Potter nonsense, because I’m Harry Potter trash. Follow it if this blog has given you even an iota of joy on this rocky road called life. Occasionally I will also post short blogs about life. Things. Stuff. It will be a good time, is what I’m saying.

I just wanted you guys to know where you can find me. I’m still around, working, writing, doing laundry, ADULTING. And since I spend about 90% of my free time on tumblr anyway, I figured I’d be more motivated to keep you guys in the loop if I just merged it all into one. SEE YOU THERE, hopefully. If not, that’s okay. I understand. I like you anyway.