Those of you who actually check back here (accidentally, sometimes) may have noticed one or two STRIKING DIFFERENCES. You see, I’ve begun accumulating something of an online presence (read: my tumblr is really taking off) and decided it probably be a good idea to be a Serious Person with a Serious Website. I’m told freelancers do this. I’m told I should’ve done this a long time ago. I’ve been contributing to a few places other than SparkLife lately (I’m still there, don’t worry!), and it just seems like it’s about time I start compiling all that stuff in one place to show people WHAT I’M ABOUT. (Ignore the forthcoming pictures of dogs wearing hats and my overuse of the word “poop.”)

That being said, it’s probably time I ‘fess up. My name… isn’t actually Elodie. I know! I’m sorry! My name is actually… can I get a drumroll? Can I get a less lackluster drumroll? Put a little oomph in it, for God’s sake. I’m trying to build to something here. My name…

…is Courtney. I know. It’s not quite so exotic. If you want the truth, “Élodie” was the name I wanted in French class, but somebody else got it first. I exacted my revenge by creating a secret persona so that boys I liked wouldn’t know I was sometimes writing about them on the Internet. The plan was perfect. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it would all mushroom into something bigger. And here I am, four years later, slapping a website together and getting paid to write about the time I kissed a boy because he offered me pie.

You can still call me Elodie, though! That pen name got me through high school and much of college. I would never just discard it. I’m still Elodie on SparkLife, and I’ll always be Elodie to all those who stuck with me for so long. (Everyone else… tough shit. It’s Courtney or nothing.) So, to conclude… THANKS. You’ll be hearing from me. (SERIOUSLY.)


10 thoughts on “CHANGE IS A-COMIN’

  1. I’m not sure how to handle this…I feel slightly lied too, but also slightly relieved, and wholly surprised. But in a good way. But it feels weird. But not in a bad way….
    BUT THAT’S GREAT 😀 about the whole serious thing. Just don’t be TOO serious…because that would be weird.

    • I know! I thought long and hard before I revealed this information to you guys… much longer and harder than I did when I carelessly just picked a name all those years ago and went with it, at any rate. I promise nothing’s changed except I’ll be posting more (which could be good or bad depending on whether you find me entertaining or just kind of a recurrent annoyance).

  2. Hey! Good to have you back; I’ve missed your blog posts a whole ton and–

    …wait what.


    No shit. Same spelling and everything.

    And similarly to you, I’ve been going as my real name online a lot more recently (I used to be Koutoni, if you remember some of my older comments…I’m trying to lean away somewhat from the Japanese kick I had going).

    So yeah. That’s pretty much the most awesome thing I’ve heard/read today, given that you’re one of my favorite bloggers and all.

    • OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU! Welcome back!

      DOUBLE COURTNEYS. THAT’S AMAZING. Do you also find that you’re completely misrepresented in fiction? Like if there’s a Courtney in a book or on a TV show she’s the popular mean girl? The last time I met a Courtney I joked that “there can only be one,” but I think you and I can work something out. In fact, I think we can join forces and become the most powerful of all.

      • Yay! That’s great! It’s been so long since I’ve commented that I wasn’t sure you would.

        Oh God, yes. I know exactly what you mean. What’s with that, anyway? There’s never a Courtney protagonist in fiction; at best the character is neutral. More often she’s just a bitch. Someone really needs to get this straightened out.

        I’m glad I have your approval as a Courtney, though! I am totally on board with joining forces and becoming all-powerful. In fact, we should unite all the non-bitchy Courtneys of the world to solve this misrepresentation problem.

  3. Also, I just went back and read some of those comments and cringed. Needless to say, my writing style has…evolved a bit since two years ago. (Thankfully, I didn’t seem to comment very often.)

    • I’ll take your word for it. I have a policy against going back to look at comments from two years ago because I don’t want to feel like flinging myself into traffic. I do remember we talked about Pokemon.

      • Haha, fair enough. I love that you remember the Pokémon talk though. Pokémon is still pretty awesome in my book. Honestly, if all you remember about my comments is the general topic of conversation, I’m cool with that. My opinions haven’t really changed all that much, but I like to think I can express them in a less juvenile manner nowadays. Mainly, more sentence/thought structure and less spamming you with emotes.

  4. I did not see that coming! I especially did not expect to read such Momentous News while standing next to what I think is a stage door for a university production. That’s based on the fact that I can hear music pumping, directions being shouted and a sign on the door that warns of “haze, fog, and strobe lighting.” But back to the point: Congratulations on your next step towards professionalism and further awesomeness!

    • Are you sure you weren’t standing perilously close to a rave? You know the rules: once you’ve entered a rave, you cannot leave. Soon the world will be just be one big rave.

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