I got me a fancy shmancy writing internship!

I’ve noticed a trend in my blogging: I like to blog when something’s gone really wrong (like, I don’t know, a tornado, or a blizzard, or a broken foot… did I ever mention that? I didn’t actually break my toe, I broke two of my toes and fractured the top of my foot, which I misconstrued as a broken two because I’m a stupid idiot, but I digress), or when things go really right (like… I don’t know, I can’t even think of an example for this one… getting a dog, maybe? Or eating really good brownie?). But this time around, things have gone really right. I got a writing internship!

I’m with the same internship program I was with last summer, except this time I’m actually doing something that caters to my skill set. Last year I was the sandwich intern. Really. No, not really. Well, kind of. I was equal parts office intern (which meant I answered phones) and runner intern (which meant I went out and bought outrageous quantities of office supplies), but even more than that, I was the concessions intern. I was in charge of all the paperwork for event concessions, and I had to get up every morning at 5 and help sort the concessions snacks for distribution, after which I had to go sell tickets at a venue office for six hours. I also had to get people to sign things. Not exactly my forte, but I did eat a lot of sandwiches. (Maybe it was exactly my forte.)

Anyway, this year I’m writing. I’m proofreading things and writing press releases and handling social media promotion. That was probably the most adult thing I’ve ever written in my life. I used the term “apostrophe police” in my Skype interview, which I think really sold it. I also had to change my entire profile, because my picture was this


for absolutely no reason that I can think of. My gender was also “male” and my location was, like, Ireland. I haven’t used Skype in about two years, it was just a mess, and I think I had my name spelt deliberately wrong just to bring it all home. But anyway, here’s to adult things!


2 thoughts on “I got me a fancy shmancy writing internship!

  1. Hi Elodie! I’m pretty sure you’ve mentioned that you go/went to UM-AA and I’m starting as a freshman soon. Do you have any tips (I’m curious about everything but mostly food)?

    • HI THERE, and sorry this took me SO LONG. When I was a freshman, the dorm I primarily ate in was almost exclusively vegetarian/vegan food, which conversely turned me into a carnivore, but I think they’ve stopped doing that. ANYWAY, I always liked the food well enough. For dining hall food, the cheesy bread is surprisingly addicting. And so are the TATER TOTS. In my experience it’s difficult to find seating in North and East Quads, unless you go at odd hours. I believe Markley’s everyone’s favorite. But the downtown restaurants are fantastic too. If you want my advice, get yourself a cookie at Noodles & Co. I don’t know what they put in them, but they’re my favorite thing in the entire world. And don’t forget Insomnia Cookies, for all your late-night cookie delivery needs!

      Food aside, I think my tip would be don’t wait until your senior year to get involved in stuff (like I mostly did). And really comb through the course guide–Michigan offers some really hilarious stuff, like “Dinosaurs and Other Failures” and “Poops, Farts, and Other Disgusting Things.” I’ve taken a class called “When Earth Attacks” about continental drift, and my “Biology of Sex” class was one of the most interesting courses I’ve taken so far. Even if it’s not your major, I’d recommend taking a psychology class with Schreier, or any sort of film class, because you’ll never again have a chance to watch movies for class credit.

      I THINK THAT’S ALL I’VE GOT. Let me know if you have ANY questions. GO BLUE!

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