I went to a Bastille concert and it was perfect.

The end of winter is in sight. I can feel it. Now, odds are it’s going to snow again, and I’m going to feel very silly. I shouldn’t fall into this trap every year. But right now it’s a balmy 45 degrees, and as far as I’m concerned that means spring is coming, and the days of frostbite and windchill are behind us.

Did I ever tell you guys about the Bastille concert? Actually, let me pose a follow-up question: did you guys know that Detroit in winter is coldSee, I knew this. Or I thought I did. I thought I was prepared. I had my big winter coat, my boots, my winter hat, my mittens, even a sweatshirt underneath. And I felt slightly ridiculous getting in line for the concert behind people in cute skirts and flowy dresses. A few hours later, however, it would be I who was laughing. Well, not really. We waited in line for three and a half hours when it was -10 degrees out, plus windchill. Nobody was laughing. But I did feel vindicated. I had to give Tara my second pair of gloves because she was suffering, and I can’t even say for sure what the cute-skirts-and-dresses faction did. I spent the whole time facing the other direction so as to shield myself from the wind, so I literally just didn’t see them for a solid chunk of time. The concert venue was downtown, and nearby businesses actually came out with blankets and hand warmers for us because the situation was so dire.

I should also mention that I had the flu. Or, well, I was in denial of having the flu. (This would be confirmed later.) So there were a lot of factors going into this that could have rendered it an entirely unenjoyable experience. However, despite being so cold that I didn’t remove my bulky winter coat until halfway through the concert, and despite being so sick that I had to pull over on my way home, I can say with absolute certainty that that concert was one of the best nights of my life. It’s definitely in the top ten. Bastille was fantastic, and we did a lot of dancing, and at one point I almost got hit with the microphone cord when Dan Smith went into the crowd, so basically it was perfect.

I would do it again in a heartbeat. Maybe without the cold, if we could finagle that. I just put my winter coat away, and I’m hoping I don’t need it again for a while.

2 thoughts on “I went to a Bastille concert and it was perfect.

  1. oh. my. goodness.
    the jealousy i am currently experiencing is indescribable like WOW
    please tell me all the details omit nothing
    what songs did they sing was dan smith’s voice like heaven raining down on you did you want to cry because they were so perfect live or ???

    • ALL OF THE ABOVE. His voice was exactly like heaven, and I was constantly sobbing mentally if not physically. Let’s see… they did Pompeii, Icarus, Laura Palmer, The Weight of Living Pt. II, What Would You Do?, The Draw, The Silence, These Streets, Things We Lost in the Fire, Of The Night, Oblivion, and Flaws. (I think that was it.) My friend and I got separated from our other friends, because we were hell-bent on getting close to the stage, but during Flaws when Dan went into the crowd, he went towards the back and he was RIGHT NEXT TO THEM. So that’s karma. At one point he tried to climb on the sound equipment, and then he threw a drumstick into the crowd, which I would have dove for if I had been anywhere near it.

      Overall, they put on such a FANTASTIC live show. Somewhere in there Dan said, “Thanks for coming, everyone… if you hadn’t, it would’ve been really awkward.”

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