Things are really KICKING OFF in the stress management portion of my brain

Midterms are coming up, and I need to study. Like, I need to study. This is not a drill. I don’t know what’s happening in my astronomy course anymore, and tensions are high. Why in God’s name am I taking an astronomy course? Well, because I’m an English major who needs 3 final science credits, and oceanography was full.

What am I doing instead? Making this post, and creating a playlist to listen to when I drive home for spring break. Seems a little presumptuous, I know, to assume I’ll be going home for spring break and that the sheer force of the astronomy midterm, coupled with how little I know, won’t kill me. But I’m an optimist.

Nabeela asked me what I got for my birthday, besides desserts aplenty, and I’m not one to pass up a chance to talk about myself, so here you go. From my parents, I got mostly groceries (I asked for them) and the pleasure of their company, but I also got the shirt below on the left. From Tara, I got the one on the right. The left is from Rooster Teeth, of which I am a fan, and right is the novel version of Les Misérables printed on a shirt.


It occurs to me that I am slowly amassing a collection of T-shirts that need to be explained. From Allison, I got a DVD of a Super Mario Brothers TV show that I DID NOT EVEN KNOW EXISTED. My brother got me a super-large jar of Jif peanut butter because I’ve been complaining whenever they don’t have it at the grocery store here. From all of this, I think it’s easy to see where my heart truly lies: with video games, historical fiction, and food.


3 thoughts on “Things are really KICKING OFF in the stress management portion of my brain

  1. I have the entire book ‘Le Petit Prince’ in a frame on my wall, but to have an entire book on a T-SHIRT is just NEXT LEVEL AWESOME. Also, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve been assigned to read/”attempt to read parts of” Les Mis in French class this semester.

    • EVERYTHING about this comment pleases me. It takes a special kind of person to want to print a book on things that are not the book. You GET me.

  2. Thank you for replying to my comment. Those sound lovely, although I’m not too sure about the shirt with Les Miserables written on it because it would be tiny and you wouldn’t be able to read it. And there’s nothing wrong with historical fiction, food and video games.They are great. Did you actually read ‘Les Miserables’ or did you see the film? I’ve never read it or watched the film, sadly, but it’s on my reading list.

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