Breaking news: I kissed a boy

Valentine’s Day is on Friday, so I figured now was as good a time as any to wrap up my Never Been Kissed series of old (!!!), from which many of you know me and about which I still get messages chiding me for not ever kissing Liam. That was the column that eventually got me a job freelancing at SparkLife, and I swear to God, whenever there has been a boy in the picture (or even kind of in the picture), always, ALWAYS in the back of my mind was if I kiss this dude, I’ve got to run off and write about it on SparkLife. I just owe you guys that much. You stuck by me while I did idiotic things in grocery stores and screwed up potential dates and mostly just complained a lot. Jeez, you guys really took one for the team.

So here you go. I promise it’s a story for the history books. At the very least it will elicit a wheezy chuckle.


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