When I was in high school, I got a fair amount of snow days, and it was wonderful. But that is nothing, NOTHING, compared to the truancy situation brewing up there as we speak. I don’t think my little brother has been to school since Thursday. They just KEEP CLOSING SCHOOL. I mean, I’m sure the situation is very dire and all that. They were under a national state of emergency. But it’s hard to look at that and not feel a little bit gypped, because when was in high school, snow days only came about after the first few buses got stuck in ditches and parents threatened the school board. Ergo, we never had, say, three snow days in a row. Jeez.

And now that I’m in college? Forget about it. It quickly became clear to me that universities rarely, if ever, issue a school-wide shutdown. Or rather, my college doesn’t. Schools all around us have been getting snow days all winter. But no, not here. My school is very proud about the fact that they never close. Something about honor and knowledge, I don’t know.

This is why my roommate came sprinting into the apartment last night, shouting, “GET YOUR LAPTOP, LOOK AT THE SCHOOL WEBSITE, DO IT NOW, HURRY HURRY HURRY,” and I did so, and then we both gasped and cheered and high-fived and missed and hit each other’s faces, and then people elsewhere in the building heard us and a general cheer went up, culminating in one dude bellowing directly below me, “SNOW DAY, BITCHES!”

It’s -30 degrees Fahrenheit. They had to close because people were getting frostbite waiting at the bus stop. Also, they can’t seem to keep up with the snowy sidewalks. I had to dive out of the way of a plow yesterday. So, to conclude, no, I will not be leaving this apartment today. I’m wearing all the sweatshirts I own and getting under the covers. My school hasn’t had a snow day in 36 YEARS, so I’m going to enjoy it. (By enjoy it, of course, I mean I’m not going to do my homework and then feel really anxious about it. That’s the same thing, right?)


3 thoughts on “IT’S JUST THAT COLD.

  1. Okay, so I have a thermometer on my wall that shows both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and -30 F doesn’t even show up – it stops at about zero. I can’t even fathom a place being that cold. How high is the snow? Is it up to your face?! (because in my mind the snow is up to your face) *hot sauce, sunburn and other warm thoughts*

  2. We’ve had two snow days in the past 12-13 years at my school, which is also well known for not closing even when all the other schools do, but we’ve had a grand total of 5 snow days in the past month…I’m still shocked. Then again, it is Minnesota, so maybe we needed them

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