I’m going to exorcise this building of its demons

Someone at work recently told me I have an interesting vernacular, which nobody has ever told me before. So I took into account the things I’ve been saying around the office:

  • “This little shit is giving me the business,” as I was laminating paper
  • “Can you hold these forms for a hot second?”
  • In response to “the coffeemaker is on the fritz”: “Well, that’s Bad News Bears.”

Needless to say I think I’m carving out a niche for myself here. I’m the person that says things like “Bad News Bears” in casual conversation. I’m also the person that laminated something so woefully wrong that it came out looking like an accordion. (Clearly it was giving me the business.)

Also, I was in the bathroom just now and I heard this crazy clunking noise coming from the walls. My immediate reaction was “holy shit, this place is haunted and there is a ghost and I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS IT.” I mentioned this to somebody and they dismissed it as “the pipes.” But you and I both know that it’s NEVER the pipes.


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