I’m officially an INTERN at a PLACE

Hey guys! I’m still alive, I promise you. The reason I haven’t been around much is because I’m a lazy ass. During the summer, my life has no structure. I’m basically vegetating day in and day out, and all that vegetating doesn’t leave much room for blogging. You feel me? Anyway, I just got this sweet internship—literally, like, two days ago—so my life has structure again. And, well, here we are.

I’m working in an office, and on my first official day I had to give tours of a nearby establishment to little kids, which, as you know, is a job I was woefully ill-suited for. Kids frighten me, and I frighten them. It’s a reciprocal thing. I did this for two hours, but that barely made a dent in my twelve-hour day. It should be said that I’ve never done anything for twelve hours before, much less worked. Eventually they ran out of things for me to do, so I furtively went on tumblr in the corner while other people ran around doing productive things.

As it stands right now, my desk is near the buzzer that we press to let people in. I think that’s a mistake. That’s a lot responsibility for someone like me. I spent most of the day thirsty, also, because the water cooler was almost empty and I didn’t want to be the one to fill it, because I didn’t know how to fill it. That’s going to be my goal for this week—figure out how to fill the water cooler.

Somebody had a birthday yesterday, and we sang happy birthday in the conference room. Being the newbie, I didn’t know the birthday boy’s name and just mouthed syllables when the moment came. It was Steve. I think I mouthed something like “Erghafgljg.”

So THAT’S what’s happening.


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