Bask, people. It’s a good day.

This happened today.

Elodie: I recommended my mom read The Book Thief. She hates, hates, hates, HATES sad books. She’s going to disown me.
Tara: Are you secretly Satan?
Elodie: Yes.

But you know what else happened today? The Defense of Marriage Act was overturned, Prop 8 was dismissed on standing, and early (very early) (ridiculously early) this morning, Senator Wendy Davis’ filibuster killed the Texas abortion bill SB5. Senator Davis stood for 12.5 hours without eating, drinking, peeing, or pausing the debate. To put this in perspective, I watched the filibuster for eight hours, and during that time I peed like three times and ate an entire sleeve of Vanilla Oreos. I started texting Tara around the time that they began debating whether or not Davis’ argument was germane, and by the time the crowd had started screaming for 10+ minutes to push the filibuster past midnight, we were both texting variations of “adljwlkhgfkh2” back and forth to each other with no explanation provided.


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