There’s something to be said for eating cake on the couch all day

It’s incredible how life can go from boring to exciting in a span of about three or four House episodes. (That’s how I measure time now.)

I mean, I woke up this morning bitter and frightened, because first of all I did not rally in time to go to the Darren Criss concert with Tara, which  sucked. And second of all I had just awoken from a Hannibal-themed fever dream, which, as you can imagine, was pretty traumatizing. So for the first half of the day I watched a House marathon while eating toast and leftover birthday cake.

Things took a turn when I went to the bank, because Allison called and asked if I wanted to go for frozen yogurt. I figured, well, I’m already out, and I like frozen yogurt, and I like Allison, and House will still be on when I get home because they literally will never run out of episodes. We did that for a while, and when we got back to her car it was to see a man getting arrested right next to it. This proved to be awkward, because Allison was fumbling with her iPod while the guy was getting shoved into a police cruiser literally right next to us, and I kept saying things like, “We should go. We should really go,” and Allison would reply, “I haven’t found a song, hang on.”

Then we went to Target and got hit by another car in the parking lot. It was around then that I decided going out and doing things was completely overrated.


One thought on “There’s something to be said for eating cake on the couch all day

  1. Me and mine are totally like that – we’d be trying to work out what on our iPod was the best soundtrack to the moment, rather than getting out of the moment. I recommend the Iron Man 3 soundtrack for that!

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