Spoiler Alert

Allison has a penchant for ruining things in movies or TV shows. And she loves it. She loves doing it. She’ll point out something about a character or something that you didn’t notice before, and once it’s been pointed out to you, you can’t un-see it. She was responsible for introducing me to the whole J.J. Abrams lens-flare in Star Trek thing, and she’s ruined several Teen Wolf characters for me. When we went to see Star Trek Into Darkness the other day (which I LOVED… I whispered to Tara, “This is the best day of my life,” and then approximately two hours later I whispered to her, “THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE,” so you know it was good), Allison pointed out that somebody had a butt chin. I don’t remember who, but she whispered it, and it was out there. Forever. It was like in that episode of How I Met Your Mother, Spoiler Alert, where they ruin Ted’s girlfriend for him by pointing out that she never stops talking, and you can hear the breaking glass sound effect of shattered illusions.

Tara and I simultaneously turned to her with pain in our expressions and hate in our hearts.

I just said, “Why would you do that?”

And Tara said, “Some people just want to watch the world burn.”


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