Grease and French class and The Office (I apologize for the title, but I’ve never been especially good in this area)

For Mother’s Day on Sunday, I bought my mom Grease on DVD and the whole family agreed to watch it with her because it’s her favorite movie ever. So now I can cross that movie off the list of movies I tell people I haven’t seen and which prompts them to shout aggressively, “HOW HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THAT?” (Also on that list are The Matrix and The Sound of Music. I’ll get to them some day, I swear.) My favorite part of that movie was  the rival gang “the Scorpions” whose car had like a jet-powered engine.

On Tuesday I went to a funeral for a distant relative, and I realized (too late) that I don’t have “funeral attire.” I have black, but it’s like sparkly black or black with words or black with polka dots. I don’t have a lot of solemn black. So I improvised.

Yesterday Liam and I went back to our old high school to visit our French teachers, where we failed to foresee the awkwardness of informing them that we had both quit French. For some reason all around our school there were pictures of jellyfish and, like, beaches and stuff, and I still have no idea why.

Tonight is the series finale of The Office AND I’M ALREADY A MESS.


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