So I saw Iron Man 3…

…and I LOVED IT. I’ll be seeing it again whenever my dad’s schedule permits, because I’ve decided he’s seeing it too. I wasn’t a fan of Iron Man 2, and also right before I saw Iron Man 3, I read a review someone posted about how it was almost exactly like The Dark Knight Rises in terms of plot. So maybe I just had low expectations, but I don’t think so. I loved it. I loved Don Cheadle. I loved the writing. I loved Gwyneth Paltrow being a badass. I loved RDJ and Ty Simpkins, the little boy who I just realized was also in Insidious so now I think I need to breathe into a paper bag or something. And now I just looked at his IMDb page, and there’s going to be an Insidious 2? What the hell? Why is this happening? Why is my past coming back to haunt me? When I watched Insidious the first time, the power went out and the TV froze and I almost peed myself for the first time since the tender age of five when I did it on purpose just to spite my mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, by the way, Mom. You had a rough job, because I was the kind of kid who pissed herself out of spite. This post got off-track. Here’s what we can take away from it: I was a terrible child and Iron Man 3 was spectacular.


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