Aaron Tveit and The Great Gatsby

My friends and I were driving to see The Great Gatsby last night. I had successfully called shotgun. Allison was driving, and Tara was in the back. I said, “There’s a video on tumblr I want to send you both. It’s of Aaron Tveit clapping with one hand.”

“With one hand?”

“With one hand,” I confirmed.

“Like this?” said Tara, flapping her hand around.

“More like this,” I said, showcasing appropriately and utilizing both hands because that’s how Aaron does it.

“Like this?” said Allison, immediately taking both hands off the steering wheel and flapping her hands around and for some reason also choosing that moment to accelerate wildly, which caused me to shout, “ALLISON, YOU’RE DRIVING!”

She grabbed the wheel again so Tara and I would stop screaming. When it became clear that we were not, in fact, taking a quick detour into oncoming traffic, Tara said, “We almost just died.

I shrugged. “Well,” I said, laughing. “Well. I mean. It would’ve given me an excuse to finally write a letter to Aaron.”

“Yeah. ‘Dear Aaron,'” said Tara, “‘your one-handed clapping business is the reason my friends and I were involved in what was for them a fatal car accident. Thanks.'”

“Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,” said Allison solemnly.

“Oh my God,” I said, “you’re terrible,” and then I couldn’t resist adding, “On My Own.” I paused. “This conversation just took a turn for the morbid.”

“Yeah,” said Tara, “I hope The Great Gatsby cheers us up and I certainly hope no one dies.”


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