This is a recurring theme

We only have a few days before Claire goes home and everyone’s summer jobs kick in. This isn’t much of a problem for me, being a freelance writer, but for everyone else there’s just a brief window of opportunity. So today we got lunch and frozen yogurt. One thing I didn’t realize I missed until the gang got back together was that we’re always late to things. We’ve been in a single group text message deal for days now, and about fifteen minutes before we’re supposed to meet up, the texts start coming in.

Liam: I’m going to be late
Claire: I’m gonna be late
Tara: I might be a few minutes late
Allison: I’m stuck in traffic and I’m going to be late
Shannon: I’m still at my house and I’ll be there eventually
Elodie: Everybody’s running late
Elodie: Which is good because I’m running late


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