The Three Musketeers Bar is really the important thing here

It rained today. We lost the NCAA Championship. It was a generally depressing day on campus. They were also out of cookies in the dining hall when I got there, and I went in specifically for that reason.

Right after we lost the game, the fire alarm went off. They say misery loves company, but we were all standing around glaring in stony silence. I was halfway through my Consolation Three Musketeers Bar (which could’ve been my Celebration Three Musketeers Bar, had things been different, but, you know) and I was not pleased to have to quickly change out of my pajamas and run outside.

I kid, of course. (Not about the Three Musketeers Bar, that was tragic. It’s meant to be an uninterrupted experience.) We’ll get over the loss. Maybe we’ll make it back to the championship some day and it won’t take twenty years.


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