If you’re going to skip class, it’s best to go all James Bond about it.

Twice a week I have my two English classes back-to-back in the same building. I always go to the first, but with the second… well, I’m not always feeling it. You know how there are classes you love, classes you hate, and classes that just make you go “eh”? Well, it’s one of those. It’s pretty “eh.”

But I have to go to the class right before it, so I’m already in the building. This means that whenever I skip it, I have to carefully weave through the throngs of other students like a spy, because some of those are my classmates and one of them is my professor. And if I’m going to miss class, I’d rather them think it’s because I’m lying in bed and vomiting spectacularly and being contagious, rather than sprinting out of the building in a shifty manner.

Anyway, today I was being responsible and going to that second class, but I’d gotten out of the first early, so I went to grab a snack from the vending machine. As I was walking back, I saw this dude named Daniel. We have that second class together. He was walking quickly and looking around furtively. I recognized the maneuver. He was pulling an Elodie.

We made eye contact, but it was too crowded to actually stop and talk. And besides, I knew he had to bolt. So I raised my eyebrows at him in a “been there, done that” kind of way, and he returned the expression with one of his own. I don’t even know how to describe the face he made, but it made sense to me on a spiritual level. It was equal parts “yeah I thought about going but no” and “don’t tell anyone” and also “I didn’t do the homework.” All of that was in there. It was quite an explanatory look.


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