Muffins and celebrities

My friends and I have a very loose definition of the word “party,” so when we say we’re having a “Mini Muffin Party” (to celebrate this summer’s potential return of Hostess snacks), it really means a few of us will gather at my house, sit around, and eat boxes and boxes of Mini Muffins. I ate Mini Muffins as my school snack for about seven years, so the Hostess bankruptcy hit me hard. I’ve tried other brands, but they’re not the same.

Other parties we have had in the past:

MTV Movie Awards Viewing Party
Psych Premiere Viewing Party
Zac Efron Movie Night Party
80s Movie Night Party
Jeopardy Party
Allison’s Surprise Party (she was two hours late)
Pretty Little Liars Viewing Party (I was invited but forced to sit in the hallway during the episode)

This summer, if schedules permit, we may have to combine the Mini Muffin Party with a Graceland Viewing Party, so we can have Aaron Tveit’s glorious face plus Mini Muffins all in the same place.


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