My father is a fanboy

Tonight I watched Catch Me If You Can (the 2002 movie version) and I texted my dad to tell him I was watching it, because it’s one of his favorite movies. And he did this massively impressive thing where he’d text me lines from the movie mere moments before Leo DiCaprio or Tom Hanks said them. And I said, “Dad, how many times have you seen this?” and he said, “Once, maybe,” and I said, “Or twice? Or three times?” and he said, “Maybe.”

And I think it mostly amazed me because I’ve never thought of my dad as being a super obsessed fanboy about anything before. As it turns out, my dad is in a fandom. The Catch Me If You Can fandom. HE WAS IN A FANDOM BEFORE I EVEN KNEW SUCH A THING EXISTED.

He’s read the book version also. My dad is not big on reading. He’s not against it; he just doesn’t read often. But he loved the novel.

Maybe I should introduce him to the musical. You know, the Broadway version of Catch Me If You Can starring a certain revolutionary actor-future-husband-man (cough) named Aaron Tveit.


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