An Update on the Lost/Vampire Diaries Adventure Debacle

Just so we’re all on the same page here, Tara is on the Lost episode “Exodus: Part 1,” and I’m on the first episode of season two of Vampire Diaries.

Elodie: “I don’t need a babysitter.” You just tried to turn yourself into a vampire, Jeremy, you’re getting a babysitter.

Tara: “The worst part’s over.”
Tara: hahahahhaha yeah I don’t think so.

Elodie: “Doppelganger Hijinks” is what this episode should have been called

Tara: How does Jin who doesn’t speak English fit in better with the group than I would if I was on the island?

Elodie: Oh my God are they about to have sex or are they going to murder each other

Elodie: Are there… other supernatural creatures?
Tara: You mean other than witches and vampires?
Elodie: Yeah.
Elodie: Mason talking about “the curse”
Elodie: Tyler’s aggression issues
Elodie: TYLER Posey
Elodie: TYLER Hoechlin
Tara: I like how all the main characters hug while all the other people on the island just wander around the background.
Elodie: Yeah, nobody likes them
Elodie: You skirted the werewolf question, or as it will henceforth be known “the Tyler Trifecta Question”
Tara: Did I? Sorry
Elodie: alsjgklhl3kjg
Elodie: Goddamn you