And it’s off to the races!

Today it snowed. Big surprise. Yesterday it was sixty degrees and I was digging out the spring attire, hopeful and naive. No such luck.

It was snowing so hard that, by the time I got to the dining hall, I had decided I wasn’t leaving until it stopped snowing. Everyone else, apparently, had the same thought. I wound up staying there for two hours, doing homework and generally eating a lot of food, while the dining hall slowly filled with people. And then there was a break in the storm. “It stopped,” the girl at the next table said suddenly. And it’s not like the dining hall was deathly quiet and her voice carried for miles around, but it seemed like everyone noticed it at the same time, and there was a mad dash of people ditching their trays and bolting towards the door so that we could all travel without the burden of snow in our faces. I accidentally elbowed some dude in the face. I apologized, but he was already sprinting down the hallway with the rest of the pack.

In other news, I pre-ordered Les Mis on DVD and Blu-Ray. I’m not even sure we have a Blu-Ray player. The parents were fuzzy on this topic. I’m assuming we do. I think we do. I’ve seen something that looks like a Blu-Ray player. Alas, we shall see.


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