I hope nobody’s keeping track of how many TV shows I’m currently watching, because even I don’t know the exact number, but I’m sure it’s shameful.

Today Tara came over and we realized that we had encountered a problem. Season one of The Vampire Diaries is about three episodes shorter than season one of LOST. We realized we would soon be operating on completely separate arcs. Unfortunate, but inevitable.

Long story short, I watched the season finale of The Vampire Diaries and I started SHOUTING, despite the fact that my dad was working and I was supposed to be, you know, not shouting. But I couldn’t HELP it. There was a lot of “WHAT” and “BUT KATHERINE” and “BUT JEREMY” and “HOLY SHIT.”

We have also realized that this is the slowest either of us has ever watched a TV show that is readily available to us on Netflix. I think the fact that we’re both bound to watch it together is what’s keeping us at a steady pace. This is taking into account the fact that Tara once watched both seasons of  Teen Wolf over the course of three days, and this week I’ve burned through more episodes of Community than I’d like to admit. So you know what we’re capable of. I’m actually proud of us for taking this so seriously.

Spring break is coming to an end. I have an exam to study for and an entire book to read. Clearly this is the perfect time to start watching The Tudors, which I’ve been dying to watch since starting Vikings. (I swear if I could make a living off of this, I would.)