So last night at the carnival, I said four things I regretted before I had even arrived. That was all on the ride there. Then I actually started my shift, and things only got worse. I mean, it was fun, don’t get me wrong. But I snapped at a kid, complimented one on her face painted elephant and got nothing in return, and was verbally abused by a really loud ten-year-old.

Our shift ended at 7:15, but nobody came to relieve us. Which was a problem, because Tara, Allison, and I really wanted to do the Cake Walk, and the carnival ended at 8. After twenty minutes of waiting, I texted my mom to complain. (She was one of the people in charge, as she works there.) She said, “I’m on it.”

“I mean, not to sound like I’m exaggerating,” said Tara, as we all stood around the Lollipop Tree miserably, “but if we don’t get to do the Cake Walk, I’m going to flip some shit.”

When I saw the verbally abusive ten-year-old and some of his friends striding purposefully our way, I rolled my eyes and said, “Well, LOOK WHO IT IS.”

Turns out, they were there to take over for us so that we could leave. I did not know that. They were there to relieve us, and my response was to sass them.

Well, we got to the Cake Walk, and I WON. I have never won. EVER. ANYTHING. I HAVE NEVER WON ANYTHING EVER. SO THESE BROWNIES THAT I WON WERE NOT JUST BROWNIES. THEY WERE VICTORY BROWNIES. And they did not even last the car ride to the restaurant before the three of us tore into them. We essentially ate food on our way to eating more food, to hold ourselves over until we got there.

All in all, I won some brownies, and nobody cried. (Except for me, internally.) So I consider it a success.

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