Today I got hit in the face with a slushball. By a tree. It wasn’t even a person throwing it. I feel like I could be at peace with this if it had been an actual person. Like, “Wow, so there’s this asshole running around throwing slushballs at people indiscriminately. I hope your favorite show gets canceled, you piece of shit.” And then I could move on. But no. It was a tree, and that felt personal. It was like the universe zeroed in on me, wound up, and let fly, delivering a cold pile of soggy foreshadowing right in my face just to let me know who’s in charge and exactly how the rest of my week is going to go.

But you CAN’T GET ME DOWN, UNIVERSE. My spring break technically starts TONIGHT, after my four o’clock class. I’m scooting over to my grandparents’ place for the night, and then home, where I will be LAZY and INEFFECTIVE for the next week and a half. GET EXCITED. One more dawn! One more day! Ooooone… daaaaaay… more! *revolution music*


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