I don’t expect to ever be fully dry again.

Today it rained, and I was not thrilled about it. But I donned my boots and raincoat, and grabbed my umbrella, and I went to class like a trooper.

Sometime during the hour and a half that I was learning about fish biology, the snow began. And the snow continued. And the snow did not cease.

I need to set the scene a little. The building that my lecture hall is in contains only one hallway. On one side is the classrooms. On the other is a wall made entirely of glass. So that entire side is just a window. Now, our professor had let us out ten minutes early, so we all came bursting out of the lecture hall in high spirits. Until, of course, we caught sight of the whitewashed world of rainstorm turned blizzard, and through the sudden silence you could just barely hear a hushed voice from within the crowd: “Holy shit…”

I swear all one hundred of us—the only ones who had bothered to come to class in the first place—just stood there with our mouths open. If any of us had been the intelligent sort (you know, the kind of person who checks the weather and then dresses accordingly), this probably could’ve been avoided. But that just wasn’t us. And this was a problem. We all just milled about in the hallway for a solid five minutes, hovering, unwilling to go outside because, hell, we just weren’t dressed for it. I was dressed for rain. Sideways rain at the most.

I walked until I wasn’t even fully aware of myself as a person anymore. And now I just really want some hot soup.


One thought on “I don’t expect to ever be fully dry again.

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