Cookies and Daniel Day-Lewis: My Two Great Loves

My power went out this morning. I was going to use that as an excuse for why I was running late to class, but let’s face it, I would’ve been running late anyway. This is because I spend a solid 40% of my time running late to something. I live in a constant state of tardiness. That, combined with how late I stayed up after the Oscars, resulted in me rolling out of bed half an hour late with an almighty “unnnggg.”

My hall mate right next door has the same 10 am class as me. It’s funny because I always see her trooping off to class about twenty minutes before I’ve even mobilized past the bathroom stage of my morning. That’s the initial look-in-the-mirror-and-assess-the-damage stage. So you can assume (correctly) that she gets to settle into a really good seat at a leisurely pace, whereas I usually sidle in with one minute before class starts and snag a seat so far in the back I have to cup my hand and shout my answers when called on.

That said, I was happy with the awards last night. I feel like everybody got a little something, and I did love Argo. It’s also been confirmed that Daniel Day-Lewis is one of my favorite people ever. Loved his Margaret Thatcher joke.

That’s the upside. The downside is that I ate too many cookies, and now I feel scary full and also somewhat ashamed.


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