The Oscars are coming! The Oscars are coming!

It’s the Oscars tomorrow! It’s the Oscars tomorrow! I’ve planned my snacks accordingly. For the Red Carpet, there will be noodles. For the actual awards show, there will be cookies. And there will be a Crunch bar for sad occasions, like if one of my favorites loses, or if Aaron Tveit is onscreen and I somehow miss him.

I don’t actually plan on watching the entire Red Carpet event. As I’ve surely overemphasized by now, I have midterms going on. I’m sort of on the “just one misstep and this entire thing will fall apart” side of overwhelmed. So I don’t plan on watching the entire thing, because that’s like four hours of my life that could be spent crying in the corner somewhere about ambition. But in all likelihood, I will watch far more Red Carpet coverage than I had bargained for. That’s just what happens.

I’m really pulling for Daniel Day-Lewis. Can Emmanuelle Riva and Quvenzhané Wallis both win the Oscar? Wouldn’t that be special? As far as costume design goes, Les Mis was like nineteenth-century French costume porn. But for make-up, I’ve got to go all in for The Hobbit. They deserved more nominations than they got.

There’s my two cents. I know that my opinions are invaluable to the film industry. Either way, it’ll be fun to see the LES MIS CAST FREAKING PERFORM. They are all in LA, right now, as we speak, rehearsing. Amanda Seyfried posted a picture on Twitter of Aaron and Eddie. Aaron was wearing that weird jean jacket shirt thing he was wearing when I dragged Tara down to the level of my Aaron Tveit obsession, the one that shouldn’t work but somehow does. It’s going to be so weird seeing him singing Enjolras’ part, but as Aaron, sans wig. I still find it really hard to reconcile the two of them in my mind as being the same person. But I’ll deal, because AHHHHH.


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