I care about your lonely soul

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a platonic friend date tonight, which is the best kind, I think, so let’s get this show rolling. Tara and I have spent the day posting Valentine’s memes on each other’s walls. My personal favorite was this one:


Tara: We’re clogging up everybody’s newsfeeds.
Elodie: Yeah.
Elodie: I thought about not doing that, but then I decided against it.
Tara: Exactly.

In the middle of my Biology of Sex lecture, some guy ran in and proposed to his girlfriend. It was so UTTERLY FANTASTIC that when she said yes, everyone burst into applause. Far from being mad, our professor (who is approximately 70 years old) said, “Well, I guess we know what THEY’LL be doing tonight.” We were coming off some rather shocking information about hermaphroditic reproduction in sea slugs, so this was very much needed.

I’ve got to run though, because this box of chocolates isn’t going to eat itself. Happy Valentine’s Day, to everyone who has a significant other and to everyone who bought themselves chocolate (ahem) and are planning on sharing WITH NOBODY.



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