I ate the pinata.

I spent my birthday frantically writing an English essay and watching my team lose fantastically at basketball.

Elodie: Holy hell. I just turned on the Michigan/MSU game and then I immediately turned off the Michigan/MSU game.
Alex: I know isn’t it great
Alex: Happy birthday by the way
Elodie: Oh shut up

Alex is a State fan. It’s a constant source of strife.

But Alyssa the MAGNIFICENT over here threw me an iParty on Twitter! AN iPARTY. And that just made it all worth it, because how many friends do you have that would throw you an iParty? NONE. They are a rarity. Alyssa is like a MAGICAL UNICORN. And EVERYTHING at the party was edible, I think. (You did say “go ahead and devour the valuables,” right Alyssa?)


2 thoughts on “I ate the pinata.

  1. OF COURSE YOU ATE THE VALUABLES. I don’t mind, really, because I like that the iParty was100% edible. AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND DESCRIPTIONS, I don’t think I’ve ever been called a rarity, a magical unicorn, or Alyssa the Magnificent before, especially all in one sitting! I’m just honoured to have topped that under-water themed shindig.

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