“Elodie Tveit” sounds really foreign and complicated, doesn’t it?

I’m still as obsessed with Aaron Tveit as I ever was. I watched him singing “Run Away With Me” and I think I more or less had a conniption from the sheer amount of swooning I did.

Elodie: I was just perusing an interview with Aaron, and I came across this youtube comment: “if he doesn’t win a Tony he should quit theatre. and do porn.”
Elodie: And then this:
Elodie: “More like ‘Aaron Tvake off your clothes please’ hahahaha I’m so lonely”
Elodie: The Aaron Tveit fandom really speaks to me
Tara: It does to me too

Just two weeks until the Oscars, people! WE CAN DO THIS. I will once again find myself watching the Red Carpet Event for specific reasons, and then feeling ripped off when I chose the wrong channel to watch because all my people gave interviews elsewhere. The Oscars are on the 24th, which is the last Sunday until spring break for me. So I know already that spending five hours watching the Oscars will be the catalyst of a week in which nothing gets done.

(Also, “Elodie Tveit” is possibly the worst name ever. I’d be dooming myself to a life of explaining and pronouncing and spelling and re-spelling. Plus, people would hear the name and assume I’m really exotic and worldly and can speak at least four languages. “Someone whose name is so utterly incomprehensible MUST be interesting!” they would say. My actual presence would always be a letdown, because I am not exotic in the slightest, and the only place I have ever been that isn’t the U.S. is Canada. So I have only ever gone from North America to Even More Northern America.)


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