Road Trip

If you’re reading this, it means I’m in a car somewhere with Tara and I didn’t make it near a computer in time to write an actual post before midnight, and I set this one to post at 11:59.

We are road tripping home this weekend. (And if we are still in the car, I really hope we make it soon, because DAMN we’ve been driving for a while. I guess I can’t foresee whatever’s going to hold us up at this point in time, though. There might be inclement weather. We might have taken the wrong exit. We might have detoured to a town looking for a Wendy’s to find that there isn’t actually a Wendy’s there. That’s happened before.)

I just checked, and according to my stats page, I post the most comments on this blog out of anyone. And I’m PROUD. My blog is an interactive experience. My blog is essentially Disney World, but cheaper and with less fireworks and you can’t get hugs from people in costumes. (I’m working on that, though.)


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