Have you figured it out yet?

When I’m tired, out of ideas, or just plain lazy, I copy and paste my conversations with Tara into WordPress and call it a post.

Tara: Here’s a link to Joey Richter on Glee
Elodie: THANKS. I’m class right now but I’m going to use the promise of that spectacle to get me through it.
Elodie: I’m having one of those moments where I’m like “holy shit I really need to start paying attention” and then I continue not paying attention.
Elodie: …I’m IN class
Elodie: Not “I’m class”
Elodie: Actually I am class
Elodie: I personify what it means to be classy
Elodie: Oh my God I need to pay attention.

And the best of our recent Vampire Diaries/Lost TV Challenge Adventure Thing (and I say “best of” because a lot of the time it’s just us exchanging fragments like “HOLY SHIT” and “WHAT WAS THAT” and “DID HE DIE”):

Tara: I’d hate to be elected the unofficial leader of the island
Tara: I’d probably kill everyone


Elodie: Dammit Elena, you’re bleeding all over the food


Elodie: If I found somebody’s diary I would read it so hard. But that’s why I’m not on a TV show. I’d be a really unlikeable protagonist.

And also

Tara: I wish I could catch fish with my bare hands. I don’t know what I would do with that talent, but I want it.

And finally

Elodie: He’s trying to force her to admit he’s a vampire.
Elodie: “SAY IT. OUT LOUD.”
Elodie: …I am so sorry.
Tara: No.


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