Newsflash: Pants Will Be Worn

I woke up at six this morning to pee (it was one of those “Should I get up? Is it worth it? How badly do I have to go? Am I still semi-asleep?” things… this story is going somewhere, I promise), and I actually opened my window because my room was hot and the weather was clear.

I woke up two hours later, and I was FREEZING. And I didn’t understand why, until I realized it was snowing on my face. There was a BLIZZARD. It was a white-out. I couldn’t see three inches past the window, which was OPEN, because I am a MORON. Have I mentioned it was snowing on my face? (My hall mates were awoken far earlier than they would have liked by my whispery half-shriek of “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,” but that’s beside the point.)

To conclude, last night Mother Nature took a gigantic snow-dump on us. All that rain I complained about? It froze over. I ice-skated to class. Well, not technically, since that would require actual ice skates and also skill. But I did pretend, and I looked pretty damn cool doing it.

Tomorrow I am going to my grandparents’ house, which is about two and a half hours away, for my grandfather’s retirement party. At… some… fancy club, I’m told? I’m wearing a nice shirt. Also, pants. Classin’ it up.


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