Vampire Diaries: An Update

So far I’m on episode five of Vampire Diaries. Tara is on episode five of Lost. The common denominator for both of our shows is Ian Somerhalder. And it’s like two completely different ends of the spectrum. In one, he’s Damon… hot, sexy, possibly evil, maybe just broken? (Episode five, guys, come on.) And in the other he’s that idiot who thought performing a tracheostomy on Rose in the pilot was a thing that should happen.

I have to confess something: I had seen a lot of gifs and photosets, so I had a pretty good (if basic) idea of the show before I started watching it. But I had somehow gotten the idea into my head that Ian Somerhalder was named Stefan and Paul Wesley was named Damon. Guys, I literally thought this for years. YEARS. And I’m having a really hard time reversing it. But it’s okay. Tara got Jack and Locke switched around too. So we both suck equally, and that’s how friendship works.


One thought on “Vampire Diaries: An Update

  1. The Smolderholder is an excellent common denominator. Here’s how I remember it: Damon is a more attractive name than Stefan (arguable) therefore Ian (most attractive, also arguable) must be Damon and Paul must be Stefan. Voila!

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