The Puddle

I am very soggy. The rain has come. I was walking to class, and I came upon this massive puddle that encompassed the entire sidewalk as well as the grass on either side. It was easily ten feet wide. A midland ocean, if you will. I stopped. The girl walking in front of me stopped. The three people on the other side of the puddle also stopped, stumped as we all were by this gigantic watery obstacle.

Finally one of the guys over yonder shrugged and said, “I guess we should just walk through it?”

And somebody else said, “I guess.”

So at the same time—and this was kind of beautiful—we all marched upon that puddle like we were going into battle, our umbrellas bent against the wind and our heads held high. It was a moment we shared. A certain camaraderie that none of us wanted but had all the same.

And then the girl next to me said, “Jesus Christ, that was awful,” and I said, “Yeah,” and then we parted ways forever.


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