And the winner is


For my challenge with Tara, I’ve chosen… Lost. Now, believe me, I agonized over it! Avatar is absolutely incredible, but I had to go with Lost because it was the wonderful, beautiful mindfuck that consumed six years of my life. This was before you guys knew me, but anyone who knew me between 2004 and 2010 knew that my core identifying characteristic was as a lover of Lost. Every Wednesday night at 9 p.m., I’d watch it with my entire family and all of our neighbors would come over, and during commercials my cousin Jase would call me and say, “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?” because he had his own Lost party going, and I would say, “I DON’T KNOW… wait hang on, I gotta go, Kathryn’s calling,” and my best friend Kathryn would come on the line and say, “BOMBS? TIME TRAVEL? POLAR BEARS?” and I would say, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON EITHER, BUT I LIKE IT…. shit it’s back on BYE,” and we would both hang up immediately, no conversation required, and once I had a tennis match and I came home fifteen minutes late to the Lost party and everybody delegated me to the basement where it was recording on the DVR and they didn’t let me come back until I had caught up.

So I don’t know why I deluded myself into thinking I could pick any other show. It’s always been Lost. Tara has chosen Vampire Diaries. Last night we watched the pilot episodes at the same time. It hasn’t been lost on us that we have odd ways of maintaining our friendship while living in different cities.

Elodie: I was waiting for that.
Tara: And why was Kate the only one who realized what it was
Tara: It’s not like it’s an obscure species or anything.
Elodie: Once your plane crashes on an island, everything else just kind of rolls right off of you.
Elodie: Aw yeah.
Elodie: Whoa wait no don’t get that
Elodie: Jesus
Elodie: He went all vampire, did he just BITE her?
Tara: I was waiting for that.

Neither of us realized how difficult it would be to keep from divulging certain information about our shows. I almost had a conniption when Tara said something about Locke’s game of backgammon being symbolic. (In a good way. Other Losties will understand. WEEP WITH ME.)

Anyway, I’ll keep you informed. Thanks for sticking with me (and brownie points to anyone who picked up on a Parks and Rec reference in the last few entries. I considered that show for Tara too).


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