Milestones, Snow, and Deadlines

You guys. I’ve now been doing this blog-once-every-day thing for twenty-five consecutive days. I’m seriously proud of myself. This is going in the record books.

It finally snowed today. I know I’ve been bitching about the cold, but cold without snow just doesn’t seem right somehow, and it was leaving me feeling unsettled. Cold with snow just feels justified. And there’s always the possibility of classes being canceled if it snows hard enough. That doesn’t help me now that it’s the weekend, but it does mean I can stay inside all day and blame the weather.

My hometown had a snow day yesterday, which I knew because of all the Facebook statuses and texts I received. Case in point:

Mom: School was canceled! Again!
Elodie: That’s awesome! How are you spending your day off?!
Mom: Well I think I’m gonna go into work anyway. I want to get some stuff done.
Elodie: You’re not very good at snow days, are you?

When I used to have legitimate snow days, I would cram as many lazy-ass activities into my day as I possibly could. I watched movies. I made batches of cookies and refused to share. (Not really. I’d give those people I live with, like, half.) A while later, I got this text from Allison, who goes to community college up there:

Allison: Classes were canceled! And your mom and Alex have another snow day!
Elodie: You guys are so LUCKY.
Allison: I’m thinking of e-mailing my professor and asking if there’s anything we should be doing. Should I?
Elodie: What is wrong with you people?

Meanwhile, Tara and I have been thinking long and hard about the challenge we set ourselves the other day. The agony of the decision has been keenly felt. We’ve also given ourselves a deadline, because it’s entirely possible that we could continue waffling around indecisively for the rest of eternity if we really put our minds to it.

So tonight at midnight, it’s going down. I’ll let you guys know tomorrow. Never before has either of us taken something so seriously.


3 thoughts on “Milestones, Snow, and Deadlines

  1. Those people don’t know how to snow day.
    As your officially deemed Voice of Reason, I feel I ought to congratulate you for sticking to your resolution for 25 DAYS STRAIGHT! That’s like, almost all of January! GO YOU!

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