Something interesting had better happen to me soon, or I’m going to have to tell you guys all about the summer camp dream.

I was supposed to head back to school today. A few things prevented this, namely a) I’m still sick, and b) there’s a snowstorm going on. My approach to driving in the snow is pretty much “hope not to die,” so these two things have compounded into one big mother of an issue. I will wander back to school tomorrow. Somehow. At worst, I will be forced to build an igloo on the side of the highway. At best, teleportation will be invented sometime in the night and I will be able to just disappear and reappear in my dorm. I operate on an interesting best/worst scale.

Not eager to head back to school after MLK weekend, least of all because I’m now going to have to trudge to class in temperatures at around four degrees Fahrenheit, and most of all because I’ve become accustomed to an atmosphere where shouting at the TV is acceptable (we watched a lot of football and reality TV) and now I’m going to have to rein it in.

I wish I had more interesting things to say. Not a whole lot happened, other than I dug myself into a homework hole I may never emerge from. I ate a really good waffle. I forced my family to watch episodes of Jeopardy at halftime during the NFL playoffs.

I also had a dream in which I was at summer camp, and Aaron Tveit was my camp counselor. This sounds like the start to something really interesting, like a secret romance that was so wrong but felt so right. But literally all that happened was I followed him around with the rest of the group. Even in my dreams I do nothing but creep from afar.


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