Sometimes I watch movies for all the wrong reasons

I’m a big fan of watching movies just because an actor you love has maybe five minutes of screen time in it. I mean, sometimes you luck out, and you’re obsessed with a guy like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has large roles in plenty of things. And sometimes your current obsession is a guy who spends most of his time on Broadway, so you’re left scrounging through episodes of Law and Order for those brief and shining moments.

Elodie: I really hope he doesn’t turn out to be a sexual predator. I didn’t check the plot summary.
Elodie: I guess I can’t know until I watch it.
Elodie: Until then I’m going to assume he’s the guy trying to help catch the sex offender.
Elodie: Schrodinger’s Aaron.
Elodie: although I suppose that means he’s both the sex offender and not the sex offender.
Elodie: I really need to watch the episode and get this sorted out.
Tara: Please do.

(Approximately half an hour later.)

Elodie: Oh my God he’s the victim
Elodie: Now he’s dead
Elodie: I’ve made a huge mistake

Movies I’ve watched for the sheer pleasure of seeing a single actor with whom I was obsessed at the time:

  • Mysterious Skin (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and damn if this wasn’t traumatizing)
  • Howl (Aaron Tveit. He was in it for like a minute, but he and James Franco WERE SO CUTE TOGETHER)
  • Grizzly Rage (Tyler Hoechlin. And we all know how this turned out)
  • Brick (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
  • Hesher (JGL, again. It was, and still is, an extensive crush)
  • Dread (Jackson Rathbone)
  • How to Be a Serial Killer (Matthew Gray Gubler)

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