More on the subject of Aaron Tveit

Today is my favorite kind of Sunday. I’m in my pajamas, in bed, eating soup, watching the Golden Globes. Everything is coming together.

Aaron Tveit doesn’t seem to be here, which disappoints me. But sources tell me he’ll be at the SAG Awards. I would like to see him all dressed up. I would like that very much.

I just read that again, and I realize it sounds sort of like “Aaron Tveit doesn’t seem to be here, in the room with me right at this very second,” like maybe I was expecting him to come by my dorm to hang out for a while. But no, he’s not here. That’s also a true statement. He’s not at the Golden Globes, he’s not here in my room. Where the hell could he be?

On the subject of Aaron Tveit and my room…

Elodie: I’ve found gifs of almost every scene with Aaron Tveit from the movie.
Elodie: I’m just missing that one where he hits Javert over the head.
Tara: Then you’ll have Les Mis bingo.
Elodie: What happens then?
Elodie: Does Aaron Tveit show up at my door?
Tara: I guess we’ll just have to see.
Tara: What if that happened and you were in your pjs at 2 in the morning?
Elodie: That’s exactly where this scenario is heading, actually.
Elodie: In fact, I’ll do you one better. I’m in my pjs, eating peanut butter straight from the jar with a knife.
Tara: Perfect.

And the next day…

Tara: YES.
Tara: AND?
Elodie: He isn’t here.
Tara: noooo
Elodie: I’m strangely disappointed.
Elodie: But I’m wearing slippers and drinking soup, so it’s probably for the best.


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